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Advertise With Us! is a new up and coming blog about the craft beer scene in Northern Colorado, focusing mainly onFort Collins. Napa of Beer provides quality content about new beers, events, brewing and favorite locales in an honest, original and passionate way.

The readership of Napa of Beer continues to grow by leaps and bounds each week. Not only are Fort Collinsresidents looking to Napa of Beer as a source for information on beer, events, and culture, but so do many tourists planning to visit our area. Content is often redistributed through other publications, blogs and business owners. By advertising through Napa of Beer you will be creating greater brand awareness to an active and passionate reader base. The demographic of Napa of Beer is perfect for any business with a focus on quality atmosphere, service and craft beer.


Site Statistics:

Site Visits in First Month: 4,345

Unique Visits in First Month: 2,564

Average Visit in Month: 3,987

Average Unique Visits in Month- 2,145


56% Female, 44% Male

42% Ages 18-34, 39% Ages 35-49, 19% Aged 50+

Readers highly concentrated inFort Collins area

 Small – 125 x 125 image logo on the right sidebar column = $40 a month

Large – 200 x 200 image logo in top 2 spaces on right  sidebar = $80 a month

Businesses wishing to purchase a “large” space for advertising will also receive top placement in the weekly Calendar, as well as additional advertising space during social media postings, up to 6 a month.


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