Preview: Telluride Blues and Brews

The crowd was getting larger, but no one was sitting on the far bank of the creek yet. I held tight to my koozie containing a can of Palisade Brewing Hula Hoppy as I steadied myself across the rocks. The dirt was warm, with just enough space to sit before the canyon wall started rising high above the campsite. My feet were no longer caked with beer and dirt from the Grand Tasting, as the icy water had cleaned them. This beer tastes amazing right now.

Happy Place

Sounds of the waterfall to my left were drowned out for a brief moment while the fiddle player for Mohead turned her instrument. I didn’t look up though, as I was too busy watching a guy in Keens build an intricate tower of rocks. Balancing each one carefully on top of the next. The river was filled with rock towers of all shapes and sizes. A couple, laughing and slipping across the river knocked down the most delicate of them all. It was so small they probably didn’t see it.

I leaned back against the hill and closed my eyes. The hot sun on my face prompted more sips of my Hula Hoppy. It felt good to sit down and relax after 2 days of dancing and hiking. The moment was perfect. A splash of water across my legs and face prompted me to open my eyes.

“Hey, hows it goin?”, he said as he sat down next to me, not on the bank but right in the creek. His friend soon joined us on the other side as I found out he job as a wildland firefighter explained his sculpted arms. “Want to smoke a joint?”, his friend asked, just as the crowd began cheering the start of Mohead’s set. I couldn’t believe how perfect this moment was

Check back for a 3 part series on our adventure to the 2014 Telluride Blues and Brews Festival


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  1. Blues and Brews was amazing this year! The campground sessions were just so perfect in capturing the essence of the festival in a small scale. loved it all!

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