Local Breweries Raise the Roof

This edition of our Tuesday Contributor series is written by Amanda Johnson-King, the Marketing Manager for Odell Brewing Company. 

I’ve been fortunate enough to work in the craft beer world for 12 years now. One of the best things about this industry is the camaraderie and community spirit. I can’t think of a better example than The House that Beer Built Project. This fall, 8 Fort Collins craft breweries joined forces with the Fort Collins Habitat for Humanity and Community Funded to HTBB_Logo_Frontengage their community and rebuild a home for a local family who lost theirs in last year’s High Park Fire.

The breweries and Habitat are hoping the local beer loving community will help them raise money to fund the “bricks and sticks,” and then the groups will gather together to actually build the home side by side. Community Funded has given this project a home, and each brewery, as well as many other local businesses, has offered great rewards for folks who contribute. A donation can get you a growler, bag of coffee or even a private brew day. This allows many people to contribute just what they can to the cause and still be a part of something great.

HTBB Ground Blessing

Ground Breaking at the build site.

There are other ways to participate and help. Each brewery has also brewed a special “House that Beer Built” beer, and pint proceeds of these beers will go to the project. Another fun way to give back is to “give it to a brewer.” On August 17th, during the New West Fest fun, local brewers will take their turn in the Dunkelwiess Dunk Tank at Equinox brewing, so warm up that pitching arm and soak some locals in icy cold brew!

I’ve been inspired by this project from day one! It’s wonderful to see our local beer community come together for the betterment of our home town and the people who live here. Habitat for Humanity plans to break ground on the house in late August or early September so the family can get settled before the holidays. Check out the Community Funded page for updates and to contribute, or the Habitat blog for other fun ways to join in the fun.

More About Amanda:

Amanda Johnson-King graduated from Colorado StateIMG_1872 University in 2000, after developing a taste for craft beer and an admiration for the passion that goes into making it. She’s now the marketing manager for Odell Brewing Company and has been with the brewery for 12 years. When she’s not singing the praises of tasty brews (or running her four kids around) she enjoys hiking and camping, cooking (often with beer), and traveling to new beer destinations.



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