MyHandleBar Knows How to Show a Lady a Good Time

If you have never seen the MyHandleBar 16-person bike cruising around Old Town, then you may be living under a rock. Or maybe you just don’t drink as much as I do. Regardless, the MyHandleBar is a great addition to a day of sipping beers with great people.

Photos courtesy of JulieannaD Photography

Photos courtesy of JulieannaD Photography

Recently, MyHandleBar contacted me about doing a promo ride with them. All I had to do was fill the bike and have fun, how could I pass that up!

Invented by 2 Dutch brothers, this bike is the real deal from the Netherlands. According to MyHandleBar, the idea for the bike was, “started in a pub, was spurred on by a friendly wager and was literally sketched out on a bar napkin.” It is outfitted with a tap handle and a place to store a keg, but because of state liquor laws no drinking is allowed on the bike. It is just as fun to ride around and support other local businesses, so I don’t think we are missing out on anything with that one.

We had a great weather for our ride, despite having 22 inches of snow on the ground the day previous. The bike is said to seat 16, but I think our amount of 14 was perfect.  It was an awesome group of people who showed up to ride including some Beer Bettys, members of the Liquid Poets Society and Beer Lovers of Fort Collins, lots of new faces of Napa followers and even one of my favorite mom’s whom I nanny for. After we signed our waivers, and got our wrist bands

Photos courtesy of JulieannaD Photography

Photos courtesy of JulieannaD Photography

that are good for deals at participating bars, we were off!

Our tour guide, Rachael, was fantastic! She was very enthusiastic and energetic. It really takes a fun personality to make MyHandleBar even better than it already is and Rachael certainly had it! Surprisingly, this was her first ever tour. I never would have known if she didn’t tell me, it seemed like it was her second nature.

We had to do a loop around the block before heading to our first stop, Tap and Handle, because of the position of the parking lot and we got to be THOSE people. Slowing down traffic to 5 mph in a construction zone while we smiled and waved like we were in our own parade. Most people played along, honking and waving back. A few even ran out of shops to

Photos courtesy of JulieannaD Photography

Photos courtesy of JulieannaD Photography

quickly take a picture as we rode by, slowly. I was in much better shape last year when I participated in the Feasting Fort Collins promo ride, and it showed. We were a bunch of beer obsessed people  in fake paper beards trying to pedal a near 2000lbs bike, it wasn’t too pretty.

Most of us snagged a Sierra Nevada beer at Tap and Handle as they still had a few left from the 57 tap takeover the week before. It was even nice enough to sit on the patio, as some of us did. I had a great conversation with Cody and his girlfriend Devon about their favorite beers and how they are enjoying living in Fort Collins being recent transplants before we had to jump back on the bike for the next stop. It is always fun to have new faces along for experiences like this, and I am always so grateful that I am able to share them.


Photos courtesy of JulieannaD Photography

Photos courtesy of JulieannaD Photography

pedaled on to The Blind Pig, the newest addition to the Fort Collins bar scene. The staff here is great, and the owners always treat me like family when I come in with hugs all around. I broke with tradition and ordered a mixed drink instead of a beer. Gasp. Bartender Janay whipped me up a Rock Coconut Mojito, a mojito with a spin of coconut rum and fresh watermelon. Its the watermelon that gets me, I love the freshness it brings to the drink. Plus, it was much easier to sip out of straw with my beard than from a pint glass.

The only downside to the ride is that is goes by too fast! Luckily, Rachael was awesome enough to give us an extra 30 minutes. We took advantage of it and headed to The Forge Publick House where Loveland Alework’s American Raspberry Sour was on tap

Yes we do! Or 3! Photos courtesy of JulieannaD Photography

Yes we do! Or 3! Photos courtesy of JulieannaD Photography

alongside a couple of City Star Brewing beers. After we sipped our last suds, we ran back to the bike to make it in time to ride back to Pateros Creek Brewing Company, where the bike is stored in the parking lot while not in use. The MyHandleBar is a great option next time you have a celebration, guests in town, or just need something fun to do on a nice afternoon. Book your ride soon, they fill up quick!

Find more of Julieanna’s amazing photos from the ride, here.


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