My Bike was Stolen! Now Im Sad

Im going to utilize all my resources, so also posting this on here. My sweet baby was stolen last night from outside of Choice City Butcher and Deli while I was inside enjoying a beer to celebrate a successful sold out class. She is pretty feisty, is white and silver with hot pink handle bars (the handle bar tape was custom ordered, and I have never seen another bike with this color). I sold my car last June in an attempt to go a year without a car, so she is my only mode of transportation. Yup, true Colorado style. Keep a look out if you see it! Bonus beers if you you see it being ridden around town and you tackle that a-hole off the bike. stolenbike



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2 responses to “My Bike was Stolen! Now Im Sad

  1. That’s awful! Hopefully you find it soon!

  2. That is horrible! 😦 She looks like a beauty! I hate bike stealers!

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