CSU Alumni Association holds 2nd Annual Beer Pairing Fundraiser

In the 3 years since I have graduated from Colorado State University, the look and feel of campus has drastically changed. When I arrived to the Morgan Library parking lot, the old ditch that we used to tube down when it was full had been filled in and covered up for more parking spaces. Which is probably why that parking lot floods when it rains now. To get to the Lory Student Center Theater, I had to navigate a maze of green construction fence and large equipment. The inside of the theater was unrecognizable from the last time I had been there, which seems like just yesterday. 

Just as the beer industry is growing by the minute, so is Colorado State University. Every year we see the biggest freshman class, higher student fees, larger graduating classes and more. With more alumni, the Alumni Association saw a need for more networking events, and being center in Fort Collins, they answered the call with beer. Together with Fort Collins Ram Network, the Alumni Association hosted the 2nd Annual Fort Collins Beer Pairing on March 8, 2013.

The event was a unique blend of a college networking event, beer festival, and pairing dinner. A check in table with name tags replaced the typical wristbands. Decorated tables filled the center of the room for people to sit and eat, while the edges had tables topped with jockey boxes. Thirteen breweries from Northern Colorado and Summit County donated beer for the event to benefit the Jim and Nadine Henry Scholarship, an award given to a student pursuing a career in Food Science and Human Nutrition.  Each brewery was also paired with a small plate, created and cooked by a student. The dish was made with the beer it was meant to be paired with.

The night was also a chance to introduce the new Fermentation Science program. A program that will be offered beginning next year through the department of Food Science and Human Nutrition. Materials were provided that outlined the course curriculum, including classes in food production management and brewing science.  Large displays showcased plans for the new brewery that will be installed in the Ramskeller in 2014 for the students to get hands on experiences. A speaker was also featured, a recent graduate from CSU who participated in the Brewing Science program and now works for Avery Brewing Company, Dan Strevey.

It is very apparent the reach Colorado State University has had in the brewing world, with 5 of the 13 breweries showcased being owned by CSU Alum.  With the implementation of the Fermentation Science program, and the Beverage Business Institute 2 years ago, the reach can only be expanded. I envision more Rams owning breweries, making beer and more in the next few years. CSU is taking advantage of being in the right place, and right time by creating the right education programs to help propel their students even farther into the brewing world.

When I graduated from CSU my party was themed in black, white and silver. The only green and gold was on my announcement. I really couldn’t find much to be proud of about my alma mater. They were in the news for wanting to build a new stadium for a failing football team of which some players were just arrested for beating another student and found with steroids. Funds for research were dropping and great professors were leaving. Now I am proud to be a Ram, because of the effort they are putting in to create a much needed education program.

If you are interested in donating to the Jim and Nadine Henry Scholarship, you can find more information here. The Fermentation Science program has several partnership opportunities available that you can find more about by contacting Kim Winger, at (970) 491-2797 or Kim.Winger@colostate.edu

Participating Breweries

Black Bottle Brewery- Hipster IPA paired with Hipster fajita steak sliders with IPA guacamole

CB& Potts- Big Horn Hefeweizen paired with Big Horn battered fish tacos with pineapple salsa FAVORITE

City Star Brewing- Night Watchman Stout paired with Night Watchman black and white chocolate mousse FAVORITE

Coopersmith’s- Steamship Ale paired with panzanella salad with roasted tomatoes and Steamship vinaigrette

Crazy Mountain Brewery- Lava Lake Wit paired with salmon, angel hair pasta and Lava Lake bernaise

Fort Collins Brewery- Chocolate Stout paired with Chocolate Stout braised short ribs

Funkerks- Saison paired with Saison chicken with sundried tomatoes and roasted red peppers

Grimm Brothers Brewhouse- Master Thief paired with Master Thief German style veggie pizza FAVORITE

High Hops Brewery- The Noble One paired with The Noble One infused berry water wafers

Loveland Aleworks- IPA paired with IPA jalapeno hummus topped with veggies on a flat bread triangle

New Belgium Brewery- Fat Tire paired with layered Fat Tire mashed potato shots. These were topped with bacon caramelized in Fat Tire. eating them standing up was difficult, and I lost a piece of bacon in my beer. I was then forced to chug my beer to save the bacon. It was worth it.

Odell Brewing Co- Lugene Chocolate Milk Stout paired with Lugene creme brulee brownies with creme anglaise

Pateros Creek Brewing Co.- Rustic Red paired with beer braised BBQ pork butt with Rustic Red BBQ sauce.




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