February Meeting of The Beverage Business Institute

The second session of the Colorado State University Beverage Business Institute met in early February to continue the 4 part course that will finish in August. Attendees gained professional development in many facets of the beverage industry. The 3 day course covered law and policy, marketing, leadership, supply chain management and other topics.

Professors Doug Hoffman and Steve Medland from the College of Business provided in depth workshops on marketing and supply chain management as it related to the beverage market. Professor Paul Vanderspek lead participants in a hands-on-activity known as “The Beer Game” in which they created their own supply chains to learn implementation of newly learned management skills.

Two workshops participants particularly enjoyed were provided by Rusty Sanders of Goldsand Consulting, INC. and Ed Goodman of Spiral Experiences, LLC. Sanders discussed collaborative leadership and its influence over the success of a business. This provided a chance for participants to evaluate their own leadership qualities and discover how to evolve them for optimal success. With a new twist of thinking Goodman provided a course on creative innovation. Participants worked together to create designs of their perfect taprooms.

The Beverage Business Institute also provides those enrolled with tours of local beverage related businesses. This session included a thorough tour of Fort Collins Brewery with Operations Manager Doug Smith. Smith’s expertise in the running of the brewery provided valuable knowledge to BBI members. A tour of The Mayor of Old Town was also provided, to high light their innovative 100 tap system.

Each session also features an inspiring keynote speaker. John Carlson, executive director of the Colorado Brewers Guild provided an interesting speech on regulations and public policy in the craft beer industry. Carlson also provided a careful description of the history of beer in the US and specifically Colorado. Several community members were invited to hear Carlson talk and also enjoy a luncheon.

The 14 members of the Beverage Business Institute will meet again in June to get more in depth with supply chain management and organizational leadership. This will be the 3rd of 4 sessions needed to complete the certificate program. For more information on the Beverage Business Institute, please visit their website.


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