Drink Like a Girl: Sensory 101

Last week I hosted my first Drink Like a Girl workshop, and it was a blast! I started creating study guides for myself a few months back to help study for the Cicerone exam. I loved sharing this information with the ladies I would drink with, and seeing their knowledge and passion for beer grow in turn. Eventually, I decided to share this with even more women, and started turning those study guides into fun, original group workshops.

The first one was a basic sensory class. We covered the methods of how to properly taste beer, and tasted 5 different beers as they pertain to the 5 tastes; sweet, salty, sour, bitter and umami. My entire goal of this workshop was to challenge our palates. Taste something you have never tasted before. Learn to pick up on different nuances in the beer you may have never noticed before.

15 women gathered at The Forge Publick House to take on this challenge with me. The group dynamic was amazing. We had brewery owners, avid home brewers, a microbiologist, new mothers, new Fort Collins residents and beer beginners. It was great to see so many diverse backgrounds, and all willing to share what they knew with other. Everyone walked away with so much more knowledge about the sudsy beverage we all enjoyed together.

A HUGE thanks to Nate of The Forge for letting us take over his new space for a night. It was the perfect environment for great discussion on beer! I can’t wait to see the finished product after they add a bar and some booths. You can find the sensory guide and a list of the beers we had here. And yes, we did end with an oyster shot thanks to Fish Restaurant!



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2 responses to “Drink Like a Girl: Sensory 101

  1. dannf

    Forge? New space? Are they moving/opening up a second?

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