Bacon, beer and babies

It is hard to believe that tomorrow is November. I am sitting here enjoying a pumpkin beer and enjoying weather in the 70’s. But only because I got off work early today!

You may have noticed I have been on hiatus since GABF. There have been many new and exciting changes happening in the woderful world of Napa of Beer. I have started not one, but 2 new jobs. Many of you may know

Myself with the baby I nanny, Monika, (the bunny) and Jean of Funkwerks with her little sock monkey, Patrick, at Tiny Tot Halloween 2012

that my day job is a nanny, and I also had a nanny agency for 2 years. What that meant was watching kids under the age of 6, 60-80 hours a week. Since all of my kiddos were growing up and attending school, it was time for me to grow and move on too.  I still nanny full time, but for a sweet, tiny, 4 month old. A position that started just after GABF.  I no longer work 6-7 days a week. At least with kids.

I have taken on bigger roles within Napa of Beer, and you will be seeing many more events coming to you in the near future, including a bacon and beer pairing in less than two weeks. I also have women-centered education classes and a “bend and brew” yoga series in the works coming in the next couple months.

In addition to starting a new nanny gig, I was also hired on to write and manage the new craft beer section of Scene Magazine. In addition to a Northern Colorado Beer Guide, I will also be bringing you editorial content. Look for Scene Magazine on news stands around town beginning the first of every month. My content will first appear in the December issue. You will also be able to find me in the Fort Collins Community Magazine, with the cover story in the January 2013 issue.

Now back to the bacon and beer, because I know I lost you at “bacon”. I have teamed up with Choice City Butcher and Deli to bring you a fun pairing idea. 4 bacons will be paired with 4 beers. On Nov. 14th at 6pm there will be a guided tasting from myself, Russ and possibly brewery representatives. The bacon and beer flight will be available from 6-9pm if you can’t make the guided tasting. Email me at or stop by Choice City to reserve a spot for the guided tasting.

Thanks for following my blog, and enjoying my shenanigans. I can’t wait to bring you more in the future!



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