GABF Day Two

The second day of Great American Beer Festival week was more low key. There may be an entire week packed full of events, but I still have work to get done. So, I spent the day toiling around on my computer and doing dishes and laundry so I have clothes to take to Denver.

Finally, respite came in the evening when I had plans to meet up with my Beer Betty friends at Tap and Handle. A few members of the Liquid Poets Society homebrew club also met up with us as we took over the big table in front of the fire place. The place was packed last night. Great beers were flowing from the taps and we all left with more than enough free schwag.

I settled in with an Upslope Pumpkin Ale. For every pint you ordered of this brew you received a raffle ticket for an Upslope work shirt. My friend Heather ended up winning the prize.  Jack, the rep from Upslope came around and gave us pint glasses and stickers while talking up his other brews.

After my Pumpkin Ale I ended up with a Dogfish Head Saison du Buff. I had actually never had this beer before, but its legend proceeds it. While I was in the mood for a heavier, darker beer, I really enjoyed it.

At 7pm Stephanie from Victory Brewing tapped a large line up of brews and even more of my beer loving friends trickled in. I ordered the Otto in Oak. The oak back bone was there, but it probably could have used a couple more months of aging to round out the flavors. A few other Bettys also ordered Victory that I got to sample. The pilsner was nice, but the stout was lacking sufficient mouthfeel.

As the crowd started dwindling I decided to finish the night with a Dogfish Head Bitches Brew. This honey stout has a bold but smooth flavor. It was perfect for sipping while enjoying some conversation with owner Jeff and his mother who was visiting.

While the night was low key and relaxed, I left with a pint glass, several stickers, a new Headwaters Pale Ale shirt and a belly full of great beer. The best part was all of the people I got to see last night. You often here people complain of this town being “too small”, especially when it comes to the brewing industry. Last night was an example, as I hopped from table to table greeting friends and discussing what we were drinking. I love how small it is. It means I can go to places like Tap and Handle, and have several familiar smiling faces ready to share a beer and a story with me.

You all know who you are, so thanks for being you! The Napa of Beer would not exist without all of these amazing people


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