Must be 21 to Purchase

There was a post today on about the underage redirect pages on brewery websites. They found some real gems that you can check out here. Apparently people in the brewing industry have a sense of humor sometimes, too.  This got me curious as to what the redirects of breweries in our area look like. I have never been curious enough to hit the, “No, I am not 21” button, even when I was under 21. While most are boring and send you to Google, or don’t have a redirect at all, a couple can bring about some snorts and giggles.

Grimm Brothers Brewhouse  sends you the Disney Princess games page. If you have ever been in the taproom when owner Don Chapman and Beer Evangelist Russell Fruits are there with their families you would understand why. They both have cute, adorable little girls.

Loveland Aleworks directs you to a more age appropriate beverage, Kool-Aid. Simple and to the point, just like this brewery

Black Bottle Brewery being the youngest brewery, ironically, takes you to Toys R Us. I can not imagine what nonsense would happen if owner Sean Nook was let loose in a toy store. If it happens, I hope they film it.

Big Beaver Brewing Co. out of Loveland uses pubescent humor when naming their beers and takes that attitude when redirecting you to Chuck E Cheese. Fun and games will ensue.



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3 responses to “Must be 21 to Purchase

  1. I’m curious … what is the purpose of the “are you 21” prompt on brewery websites. It obviously is not required by law since not every brewery has the prompt on their website. I don’t think there is really a reason to prevent underage people from read about beer. Even if there was … my seven year old is smart enough to break the security on that one, and probably has been for 2 or 3 years.

    Actually, the ONLY reason I can think of having it is to have something clever on the “No” button … something to giggle about. I do think it is cool that you took the time to find what some of the Colorado breweries have done.

    Well played. 🙂

    • I am not sure the purpose either. If it were required by law, more would have them. It is very easy to go around these blocks, but kudos the creativity of those to get a laugh out of it

    • The ones where they require you to enter in the day, month, and year of your birth are probably a boon to the marketing departments. You can get quick and easy age demographic data that way. And I think most of them do it as a way to show that they are responsible and don’t encourage underage drinking. There is also the possibility that it is a requirement for some states, and if a brewery distributes to those states, then they use it.

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