Upcoming Event: City vs. City Cheese Pairing

I am not sure if I have ever been more excited for a beer and food pairing event,  but I am sure this one is going to be awesome.

I recently paired up with The Welsh Rabbit Cheese Shop to bring you a “City vs. City” beer and cheese pairing event. The event, held August 8, 2012, will feature 5 cheese which will be paired with 10 different beers. We have selected two breweries, Pateros Creek Brewing Co and Loveland Aleworks, to offer up their best for pairing with the cheeses. As a ticket holder, you get to choose which pairing you preferred. Are you going to be a Loveland loyalist or are you faithful to Fort Collins? You can purchase tickets at Welsh Rabbit Cheese Shop, Pateros Creek Brewing Co, Loveland Aleworks or by emailing me at Napaofbeerfoco@gmail.com

Menu for City vs. City Event


Course One

Chimay Grand Cru, a semi-hard creamy Belgian cheese made by the same monks who brew Chimay beer. Paired with bread  and Tuscan herb infused Olive Oil from Rocky Mountain Olive Oil

Loveland Aleworks Stout

Pateros Creek Brewing Company Car 21


Course Two

Local MouCo Cheese Co. Ashley, a brie like soft cheese whose rind has been rubbed with ash. On a cracker and topped with Dark Cherry Jalapeno Salsa from Colorado Culinary Adventures

Loveland Aleworks Belgian Pale Ale

Pateros Creek Brewing Co. Cache La Porter


Course Three

Moody Blue, an American cheese that is rich a creamy. Subtle blue and salt notes accent smoky overtones. Paired with local honey and bread

Loveland Aleworks American Wheat

Pateros Creek Brewing Co. Stimulator Pale Ale


Course Four

With a hard, crumbly texture this Extra Aged Gouda from Holland is rich and sweet. Paired with salami and crackers

Loveland Aleworks Saison

Pateros Creek Brewing Co. Rustic Red


Course Five

A smooth creamy English cheddar rubbed in whiskey, it is slightly sweet and bit tangy. Paired with a dark chocolate truffle, a Baileys Irish Cream truffle and crackers

Loveland Aleworks Imperial Stout

Pateros Creek Brewing Co.OldTown Ale


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