Beer Betty Flight #9

At our weekly meeting of Beer Bettys at The Mayor of Old Town we decided to do a little exploring, and had an “across the states” flight. One of the things I love about having our meeting at The Mayor is the 100 taps and extensive bottle list allow us to explore so many different beers easily.

Namaste (5% ABV)- Our first stop across the country was the east coast, specifically Delaware, home to Dogfish Head. This witbeir brewed with dried orange, fresh lemongrass and coriander has a special story behind it. It was brewer]d to help out 3 Fonteinen in Belgium, a brewery who lost 1/3 of a years production due to a malfunction that changed the temperature on aging beers. I had been excited to try this beer as it has been so hot lately, but the over powering coriander left me wanting more lemongrass.

Avery IPA (6.5% ABV)-  We made a giant leap from the east coast to the west, hitting our own Boulder, CO. Michelle explained that this is mainly because of the limitations of transportation with beer. So many things can go wrong, if a brewery even distributes here in the first place. The beer could end up not how the brewer intended it to taste, due to the beer being exposed to elements, and she does not want to serve those beers.  One of my favorite IPAs, this one doesn’t have far to travel to our tap lines. Combing 4 different hops, Columbus, Chinnok, Cascade and Centennial, it has a very American feel to it. With a forward hop nose and piney resiney taste, it was only for the Bettys who like their hops but worth a try as it is a classic IPA

Old Guardian Barely Wine (11% ABV)- In Escondido, CA Stone Brewing has been making this barley wine since 1998. Every year they alter the recipe just a little bit, just to see what it does. This years version was the first to include Cascade hops. Actually, it was the first time Stone had ever used Cascade hops.   The brewery also said they increased the Marris Otter crystal malt by only .5% and it changed the color and body of the beer. I have never tried any of the previous years versions, but the Cascade hops were very apparent with their grapefruit and pine flavor additions.

Black Butte Porter (5.2% ABV)- Heading up the coast to Oregon, Deschutes Brewery’s Black Butte Porter is their flagship beer and has won a huge list of awards. One of the first beers I had on my journey of craft beer, I still enjoy it. The addition of wheat malts helps to create a smooth and rich body and mouthfeel. Yet, it is still your typical porter with a roasted chocolate taste and slight bitter bite at the end.


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