Photo Diary: Beer Betty Brew Day

Last weekend Steve Jones of Pateros Creek Brewing Company opened his doors to the Beer Bettys to brew a batch of our own beer. 6 women showed up bright and (very) early on Sunday morning to brew a bohemian pilsner on their small 10 gallon system. Steve was also brewing a batch on the 10 barrel system, so we were able to see both in action. Only a couple of us had brewed before, and brewing is a great experience to share.

Mashing in

The plan

Getting our sparge on

Checking out the 10 barrel system

Almost done! Our mash had a higher gravity than we planned.

I was able to get a couple six packs of left over home brew from the Liquid Poetry Slam the weekend before. We used the downtime to taste different beers and learn about BJCP Style Guidelines and judging.We also decided on a name, Dorothy’s Wall, for our beer. Our organizer, Michelle, and The Mayor of Old Town are naming all of their collaborative beers in reference to Pink Floyd.

Pouring some home brew samples

Yeast and home brews. Steve cultivated the yeast for us.

Moving the wort back on the burner.

Smells good!

Pouring in the hops was a sought after task. We used Saaz hops, one of my favorite varieties. There were 3 separate hop additions, with decreasing amounts. This recipe was simple with 2 kinds of malt, almost exclusively Pilsen, and one kind of hop.When we moved the wort to the carboys, we were able to taste it before it ferments. The wort was incredibly sweet and grainy in texture. Lots of fermentable sugars 🙂

First hop addition, 2oz.

Second hop addition

Getting the wort ready to ferment.

Needless to say, when you start drinking at 9:30am, and don’t eat anything, you will crash around 1pm. Not to mention most of us had spent the previous day in the sun drinking as well. We went from laughing like 12 year old boys and joking about inappropriate things to sitting and staring at the wort. I wouldn’t change it for anything. Brewing together creates a bond, and I can’t wait until we can drink together the beer we made. Look for a very small amount of Dorothy’s Wall to be available at The Mayor of Old Town and Pateros Creek in 4-7 weeks 🙂

Great job ladies!


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