My First Event For The Love of Beer

As the movie ended, my roommate looked over to me and said, “Wait, this whole film was about just women in beer?” He had walked in a couple minutes after I had started watching The Love of Beer, a film by Alison Grayson that follows women who work in the brewing industry in Oregon. An incredibly well done documentary that lives up to it’s mantra of “It’s not for feminism or equality. It’s for the love of beer.” I had just received a copy in the mail from Alison, and was hosting a screening as my first event as Napa of Beer. I couldn’t wait to share this inspirational film with others.

When the night rolled around, I was ready to get the show started. The tickets had sold out, and all 35 seats were filled in the Brewers Lounge at The Mayor of Old Town. One was even filled by a woman from San Diego who was in town for a couple days, and had found out about the event when planning her travels. Pateros Creek Brewing Co, Equinox Brewing and Funkwerks had all donated beer to ensure ticket holders had delicious beer to sip during the duration. There were a few scenes were everyone laughed, or “ooh’d”. The montage of a hop farm was an exciting part for many, as the farm was a scale most had never seen. An applause burst out at the end of the film, and then we continued on into part two.

Lauren Salazar speaking, Stephanie Crabtree to the right and Karla Baise the left.

I was able to get three incredibly inspirational women to come speak who work in the brewing industry inNorthern Colorado. Lauren Salazar, the Sensory Specialist and Blender at New Belgium, Stephanie Crabtree, the Beerista at Crabtree Brewing, as well as Karla Baise, the Community Outreach Coordinator at Odell Brewing. They all shared stories on how they got involved in the brewing community, and what they do. The audience was interacting asking great questions and the speakers were providing entertaining stories. They were able to relate to the women in the film. Karla was at the same Great American Beer Fest as Sarah Pederson, in the film, both toting newborn babies. Lauren thought it was a funny coincidence that she was meeting another woman in the film, Tonya Cornett, at Sarah’s bar Seravesa the next week. Stephanie Crabtree’s brewery has won World Beer Cup medals just as Tonya has too. The discussion ended with another round of applause for our motivating speakers.

Karla Baise speaking, Lauren Salazar and Stephanie Crabtree

If a friend asks me if I have seen a movie, majority of the time I haven’t, and I get a big “I can’t believe you have never The Goonies!!!” I am not one to sit still for too long, especially to see a movie. I would rather being playing outside as a child and as an adult I need to keep myself busy. When I found myself with extra time on my hands recently, I got bored and decided to organize The Love of Beer Screening. Quite an ironic idea for me to come up with. For my first event that I have planned that didn’t involve children or votes in 4 years, I couldn’t have asked for a more successful night, and all of that was thanks to the amazing people in this community. The breweries, speakers, Beer Bettys, The Mayor of Old Town, and many others involved, I couldn’t be more grateful to you. I am currently working on two other events for the month of July, and would love to see more new faces, and of course old ones too. Check back soon for more information.



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2 responses to “My First Event For The Love of Beer

  1. meganvsbeer

    Congrats on what sounds like a really excellent event.

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