Collusion ’12

“Reserved” signs covered all of the high tables in the bar area of CB & Potts, but only a couple seats were occupied. The room was still packed. The who’s who of the Fort Collins brewing industry were all buzzing around the room, saying hello, catching up, passing around babies, snapping pictures. An outsider could have mistaken it for a family reunion. The feel of the room was reflective of why everyone was there, to tap this years Collusion Ale in celebration of American Craft Beer Week.

Colin Westcott of Equinox and the Professor of Brewing Sciences at CSU getting ready for a toast!

The Collusion ’12 was collaboratively brewed by 9 of Fort Collins breweries; Fort Collins Brewery, O’dell Brewing, New Belgium Brewing, Funkwerks, Crooked Stave Brewery, Pateros Creek Brewing, CB & Potts, Equinox, and Coopersmith’s. Each contributed an ingredient to the brew, all but one being locally sourced.

“A Golden Ale crafted utilizing ingredients from the great state of Colorado and other C states, Snow from rainbow curve on Trail Ridge Road, 2-row Pale Malt from the San Luis Valley, Chinook and Nugget hops from Voss Farms in Aurora and Sterling and Chinook hops from High Hop Farms in Windsor, wildflower honey from Wellington and Asian Pear juice from Cali-arado”

I meet a couple fellow Bettys, and another member of Liquid Poets at Potts to try the new beer. We munched on happy hour appetizers and said hello as people filtered in.  The taps were freely flowing as everyone had a beer in hand, and huge smiles on their faces. Not only was this a time to celebrate American and Colorado Craft Beer Week, it was a time to celebrate the amazing community so many have worked so hard to build. It is a true rarity for so many different businesses in the same industry to come together the way these breweries do, not only for this event, but many others. Without this collaboration, I know that the Napa of Beer would not be what it is today. I am a very lucky person to not only be involved in this community, but be able to call many of them my friends.

So, here’s to you, the ones who wake up early to brew, and stay late to keg. The ones who pour endless pints, and organize tapping parties. The ones who spend time away from their families to budget accounts, sell kegs and attend meetings. Here’s to you Napa of Beer, thanks for doing all you do to keep our glasses full. Cheers!

Collusion Ale is on tap in all of the participating taprooms, but there is a limited supply. Celebrate craft beer by enjoying a pint!


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