Beer Bettys Flight #6

Every once in awhile, girls just need to have a little fun right? This was one of those weeks. There was no flight at this weeks meeting of Beer Bettys hosted by The Mayor of Old Town. Instead we found seats on the patio and cans of Sierra Nevada Pale Ale and Torpedo Double IPA were passed around, along with a copy of the beer menu. All 100 beers listed on two sides of paper. I was excited. I knew we were going to pick our own beers! This time, we were able to pick 2 half pints.

I whipped out my pen and got to work. You guessed it, I am the one with the notebook and pen in the corner scribbling ramblings about what I am drinking. I admit it, I’m a geek. With such an expansive list it is easier for me to check off the ones I have had, so I can go back through and pick from the ones I haven’t. This time however, my list of beers I haven’t had was down to only 9.  I went with the Timmermans Strawberry Lambic, which reminded me of the strawberry banana nectar drinks I used to get from the Hispanic grocer in my hometown. It was light at only 4% ABV. For my second round I went with another Belgian brew, Bavik’s Petrus Aged Pale Ale. A heavier 7.6% ABV, it was sweet but not too tart, a hopped beer with aged sour tones is a surprisingly good combination. A lot of other Bettys ordered this and liked it as well. I was able to try a few different beers others had ordered, but can’t be positive about what they all were.  With a record number of Bettys in attendance, there ended up being a few mix ups. Two ladies both ordered Rogue’s John John Dead Guy Ale, but they were definitely not sipping the same thing.

While we didn’t discuss any formal topics this week as we were too busy enjoying the weather, we did plan our collaborative meeting next week with our male counterparts, The Gary Brewseys. Sierra Nevada is going to host this meeting next week as part of American Craft Beer Week, and more fun and games will ensue. Once again, these meetings are always open to the public.

A few Bettys enjoying the sun

The last time we picked our own flight, way back at the clubs inception, I ended up with a flight of IPA’s as that was a style I wasn’t as familiar with. Now, and especially lately, I am greatly enjoying a love affair with brews that have a high IBU. I loved the can of Sierra Nevada’s Torpedo I had while relaxing on the patio. Great citrus crisp, perfect for sunset. This time around, I ended up with a lambic and a sour. Other styles I am still not as familiar with. The possibilities of beer are so vast, there are always going to be styles and beers I am not familiar with. I greatly look forward to exploring them though, that is what drives a beer geek.


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