Hops & Berries Opens Second Location.

Today was the grand opening of the South location of Hops & Berries. The original, located in Old Town at 125 Remington St., has been a staple for local home brewers since it opened for business in 2005. Hops & Berries carries everything you need to make beer, wine, mead, and even cheese. The new location, located at 1833 E Harmony Rd. Unit 16, is in a small industrial park. If you have ever been to the old location you know that there is not a lot of space to store extra bags of grain, boxes of carboys and bins of extracts. The new space has enough warehouse room to hold all the extras for both stores, plus grain for Equinox Brewing, something store manager Peter Reynier is excited to see. Now, he says, they can order larger quantities and without having to do as many orders. Customers can just pick what they need off a line of pallets along one wall, should they need a full bag of grain or new buckets. Or, head to the bulk grain room to mix and match more specialty malts. With so much space it is easier to find what you need. All the wine kits are in their own little cove, and bottling accessories don’t need to be bunched together with sanitizer.

The world of home brewing can be overwhelming for a newbie, but they have a wall of books to help you at home and an extremely knowledgeable staff on hand to ask questions.

My favorite part of my visit today? The home brewers ultimate setup, the Top Tier Modular Brewing Stand made by Blichmann Engineering and a tiny steel conical 14 gallon fermenter. It makes me want a little brew house of my own in my home, if only I had the cash for a set up like that!

This weekend they are even offering up free classes.

Saturday, April 21, 1-3pm- All Grain Brewing
Saturday, April 21,  3-5pm- Mead Making Basics
Sunday, April 22, 1-3pm- Kit Wine Making




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2 responses to “Hops & Berries Opens Second Location.

  1. Nice looking shop. Will definitely have to visit there as it is a bit closer to me than their other store. Normally when I visit a shop like this my eyes get a lot bigger than my wallet. It’s tempting at times to splurge on some nice big piece of new brewing equipment. Which reminds me – I need to get the rest of my mashing equipment soon.

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