Grimm Brothers RiffRaff Release

Last night Alyse and I ventured in the rain down south to Grimm Brothers Brewhouse. They were releasing a new beer, Riff Raff. This is the second year that they have made this dunkelweizen style beer. The taproom was busy, but I expected it to be busier for a release. I have never been to a release of a beer at Grimm, but usually when I go it is very busy. I am sure it was the rain that was keeping some people away. Don Chapman, head brewer, told us that this year he used a hefeweizen yeast instead, and this brought out more of the flavors he wanted.

Everyone in the taproom at the time received a free sample, and we also ordered a pint. It poured a dark mahogany with a light head that quickly left, and provided little lacing. It smelled earthy and sweet, with slight toasted notes. Having had a flight of wheat beers at Beer Bettys the day before, I was able to pick out the flavors of the yeast. They brought a sweet malty, almost candy like taste to the beer. The mouth feel and finish was smooth. A nice well rounded brew for those who enjoy dark wheats. It was great to sip on while it drizzled outside and sharing a table with other patrons. we chatted with Larry, a regular mug club member, and a couple of guys there to sample all of Grimm’s wares.


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