Beer Betty’s Flight #1

While this most certainly is not my first Beer Bettys flight, it is the first time I am sharing it with you. Beer Bettys is a women’s only beer club hosted by The Mayor of Old Town, and instructed by Michelle Peth. I am a founding member, and have been attending since its inception in October 2011. It is held every Tuesday night at 6pm (possibly 615 in the near future as none of us are ever able to show up on time), and each week we discuss a new topic. Whether it be a certain style, a guest speaker from a brewery or seasonal brews. This is not just a social hour for us ladies; we are learning, taking notes, and some of us have even bought “the textbook”.

Here in Colorado the entire month of March was amazing weather, not a single drop of perspiration, sometimes even getting close enough to smell 90 degrees. Sunday, April 1st, was one of those days.  I spent it sun bathing and swimming in our “secret spot” at Horsetooth Reservoir and frisbee golfing. Monday and today…it snowed. Michelle jumped on possibly our last chance to make a cloudy weather flight for awhile.  All the beers showed up in the same amber hue, but certainly did not taste the same.

Fuller’s ESB- Out of London, this Extra Special Bitter is medium in body with a malt and caramel aroma. Smooth, toffee taste with a slight hint of butterscotch. Michelle explained the butterscotch was an off-taste from diacetyl which is acceptable in small amounts in some styles of beer, such as an ESB. It is a product of the yeast used to ferment the beer, the can be effected by many factors. You can read a more in depth explanation of the process here.

Firestone Walker DBA (5.0% ABV)- Fermented half in wood barrels and half in aluminum vessels, this Double Barrel Ale was smooth with caramel flavors. More hop aromas and flavors came through than any of the other beers.

Epic Brewing Company Double Skull Doppel Bock (8.5% ABV)-  This double punch, with doppel meaning double and bock meaning lager, isn’t even allowed to be sold in Utah where it is brewed because of its alcohol volume. It was the sweetest of the the four and my favorite. Malty and full bodied it had a nice toffee aroma. Hops were only slightly detectable in this beer.

Stone Brewing Co. Old Guardian (11% ABV)- This Barleywine is a style some don’t like, but others love. A strong, tart taste with a dry finish. This is definitely a full bodied beer that many of the newbies to Bettys weren’t a fan of.



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10 responses to “Beer Betty’s Flight #1

  1. I had Old Guardian a few weeks ago at the Cheeky Monk, and was more impressed by it than I usually am of Stone’s brews. Not the best barleywine I’ve had, but definitely good.
    I’ll have to try the Firestone Walker, I haven’t really liked anything I’ve had from them, but the DBA sounds interesting.

  2. I love that more all women beer tasting groups are popping up all over. I’ve found a lot of my gal pals are just intimidated by what seems like a boys club or that you need a wealth of knowledge to enjoy good beer. Not true! This seems like quite the tasty flight. I’m a big fan of both Firestone Walker and Stone.

  3. double a

    have you thought about joining ratebeer? it looks like you have a handle on describing beer well.

  4. That’s a great idea for a club. Do you find many prejudices to overcome from women towards beer in the States? It certainly exists over here and is only slowly changing.

  5. Can anyone (female of course) attend this beer club? It sounds fantastic!

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