Odell Shenanigans Indeed

I have been to several “brewers events” in the past. Whether the beer is paired with food, or just a special release, they are all a bit different. I was hoping with The Forge Publick House hosting such an event, it would be a more intimate experience and we would get to know a lot about the beer and the brewer. It was a quiet night, but there were more people than usual in the tiny bar at 6pm, and that is because Odell was in the house to show off their new brew, Shenanigans. Made with Woodcut No.3 aged in wild barrels, this Oak Aged Crimson Ale was something brewer Brent was incredibly proud of. A fantastic ale with bright red color and a sweet oakyness that danced and lingered on your tongue. I was not disappointed. One thing I was disappointed with were the representatives from Odells for the event. You could easily point them out, by their Odell shirts, and the fact that they were all standing in a corner together talking and ignoring all the guests at this event who came to talk to them. The Forge set up the night as what they call a “Brewers Night”, where you can enjoy the beer at a special price, meet the brewer and learn more about both. The only thing I heard them say to the people at the bar drinking their beer is “do you want a keychain?” I had to force my way into the tight knit circle of friends just to ask Brent, the brewer of the beer, how he made it. Once I got in, they were very friendly and welcoming, but I literally had to push my way into their circle. Coming off a fantastic event with New Belgium three days before, maybe I am being a bit harsh, but I expected a little more interaction if there were so many of them there. Nate, the owner of the Forge, did an amazing job of organizing this event, I just wish the Odell reprsentatives had cared as much as he did. The Forge hosts brewers night every other Thursday in their speak-easy alley access bar.  


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