Growth of Craft Beer

If you follow craft beer at all, then you have heard many nay-sayers say this beer bubble is about to pop, just like it did in the 90’s. Maybe it is me being naive or hopeful, but I don’t think a bubble burst will happen anytime soon. While there is a huge influx of new breweries opening or set to open, I think the market can handle it. Every year, more and more of the market share is shifting from big beer companies to smaller craft brew makers. Still, only a little over 5% of the market is craft. Even the largest craft brewery, Sam Adams, can barely reach 1% of market share. So yes, the beer bubble is getting bigger, but there is still 95% of space to fight for. Cheers! Image


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  1. I think that people are more and more interested in things like quality and provenance and with this in mind the market for decent beer should just expand along with things like farmers’ markets. There are always those who don’t give a toss but I can’t believe that figure is 95% of people, especially with the quality of US brews at the moment. As long as the quality continues, I think there will be more people who want to get in on the action.

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