Equinoxs Mushroom March

If you have been reading along, then you know of my experience with a bacon flavored beer at the GABF that turned terrible and has in turn made me hesitant to try extremely off center beers. If not, you can read about it here. While I may be hesitant to try them, it still does not mean I won’t try anything once. This month Equinox Brewing is conditioning all of their firkins with mushrooms. Many of which came from a local farm, Hazel Dell.

Cinnamon Cap Mushrooms Photo from HazelDellMushrooms

Last week they conditioned their Sunrise Golden Ale with a variety known as Lions Mane. This week they used the same beer, but used cinnamon cap mushrooms. I put on my big girl beer pants and tried them both. The two varieties of mushrooms changed the profile of Sunrise Golden Ale in many different ways from the original and from each other.

Lions mane was light golden and clear in appearance with a tiny amount of head that went away quickly. It had a earthy aroma that barely had hints of malt and hops. The mouth feel and taste were even lighter than the color. The mushrooms gave this beer a perfectly ethereal taste. The after taste was sweet and crisp, rather than the slightly bitter after taste of the original. It reminded me of iced tea. I’d have this on a hot patio any day.  

The cinnamon cap mushrooms gave this ale a bit of a darker color, more true to the original than the previous weeks. The aroma showed more hops,  but still the same characteristics as before. The taste was heavier, and more earthy. The sweetness was not as strong, but still lingered on the tongue. While I prefer the lions mane mushroom, I still enjoyed the cinnamon cap in my beer. That is a sentence I never thought I’d say. With only one more week of Mushroom March left, I hope you get on down next week and try the last mushroom conditioned firkin.



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4 responses to “Equinoxs Mushroom March

  1. Mushroom conditioned beer – Great! Didn’t sound like they tasted wacky at all. Those mushrooms look great. It’s only a matter of time before we get magic mushroom beer. I’m not sure I liked the sound of the beetroot beer though.

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