Beers That Make Me Nervous

I am always up to try any beer. If its been fermented, I will probably drink it. I once got a free pint at New Belgium because I actually drank an entire taster of their beet beer. It had a mouth feel of borscht rather than beer and made me regret ever asking what was on the side tap. However, that was nothing compared to the regret I had after swallowing that half an ounce of bacon beer at the 2011 Great American Beer Fest. It had the taste of a beggin strip, and has ruined most smoked beers for me since. It’s a nightmare I can’t forget. There are 2 more beers being released today that make me a bit uneasy considering the bacon incident. Equinox brewing is diving into “Mushroom March”, and today will be tapping a firkin of Sunrise Golden Ale condition with locally grown oyster mushrooms. I’m a fan of their golden ale, and I especially love mushrooms. Mixing them….I don’t know how I feel about that. A mushroom beer doesn’t make me nearly as nervous as what O’dell Brewing will be releasing at a special event with Jax Fish House today at 3pm. Jax is popular for their oysters, and since oysters are usually paired with stouts the next obviously logical step is to brew a stout with oysters. Duh. While I have actually never had an oyster, you know, living in a land locked state and all, I love seafood. Seafood in my beer makes me nervous. Thanks bacon beer! Luckily, I am too busy tonight to try either, as I will be enjoying good conversations and good beer with the Liquid Poets Society at our monthly meeting. Cheers!


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  1. I’ve had a few beers brewed with oysters and they’ve all been quite nice. You must have oysters, food of the gods!! Mushroom beer sounds pretty mental but thinking about it why wouldn’t it work.

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